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Art After Divorce


MBodied Art Studio is a special place where art takes on new meaning. Owned and operated by an art therapist, the vision of MBodied is to provide a safe space for personal reflection, community and healing. Art becomes a path for self-discovery, for pushing through boundaries and bonding with others. Within this vision, MBodied is proud to offer Art after Divorce, a free meetup group for parents and children of divorce.

The studio will be a gathering place for parents and children who have been through, or are going through divorce. The first gathering will be held on Sunday, April 19th, from 1:00-2:15. Members are bringing a light dish to share and MBodied is providing art activities for children. New members can also sign up for a free consultation about how art therapy could be helpful to their family.

Owner and art therapist, Michelle Fox, states, “Growing up, art saved my life. It helped me reflect on who I was, say what I couldn't say and held pieces of my heart.” Fox believes in the healing powers of art through her own personal experience and through her training as an art therapist. “What I find so useful about art in the healing process is that you don’t have to talk, you don’t have to explain, you can just create.”

The focus of Art after Divorce is on creating what’s next in life through art and through community. For parent and child bonding, there will be workshops offered called Painting Together, where each person gets a canvas and create a painting that goes together. A beautiful metaphor for how we are each individuals but also go together and a way to re-establish connection after divorce.

MBodied will also offer support groups for children who’ve gone through divorce. Groups will provide children the chance to be among peers and discuss what divorce has been like for them. Art activities will be tailored to create a sense of community and help children develop coping skills. Art after Divorce is also looking forward to offering support groups for parents, paint nights for ladies and a class for fathers and young children to make art together. There will be a social gathering once a month with free art activities for kids.

At MBodied Art Studio, art is the reason to get together, the avenue for creating change and the mirror for personal reflection. You can find Art after Divorce on or in a google search.

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