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Wild Women

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"What is the big, meaningful, worthwhile goal you have for your life?"

  • If you've lost yourself by taking care of everyone else for sooo long

  • If you feel disconnected from what truly matters

  • If you don't know what comes next and feel stuck

  • You want to learn to trust yourself more

  • You'd like to use art as bridge to your inner wisdom & finally unlock your purpose

You're in the right place. 


This program is for designed for creative women at a crossroads...the "old way" isn't working anymore but you haven't figured out "what's next?"

And you feel like something is blocking you from expressing your truest, most authentic self with the world in a meaningful way.

​      "Michelle's women's groups are truly amazing and transformative. I am in such a different space in my life than I was a year ago."


art therapy group

Let's get REAL with one harsh truth.

Watch this video right now. 

If you've ever thought these "just-statements":

  • just have better boundaries

  • just put yourself out there

  • just appreciate what you have

  • just know you're enough

  • just love yourself more

  • just don't give up

  • just breathe

But you struggle to put them in action (and feel guilty when you don't)...

It's not your fault. "Experts" out there teach that it's all about mindset and changing the stories we tell ourselves.

These "just-statements" are fine advice...the problem is that 95% of what you

  • do & don't do

  • how you feel

  • who you are

comes from your inner world not your mind.


Just-statements do NOT provide lasting results. You end up repeating patterns and feeling guilty because you know better. Trying to change your life from the mind-level will block you from your deeper purpose and fulfillment.

​      "Wild Women is for those who want to see what it is that's kept them back from their heart's true desires."


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I used to be a therapist...

until I realized there was a better way. 


Women in this program choose the "treasure" they're going after and use the art to listen to their own Soul Messages.

"Art is the bridge to the wisdom of your inner world."

In this program, each woman is the expert of her own journey. You will learn to use the art to connect with your most authentic Self and release the blocks that have been holding you back for years.

The journey contains 3 phases.

  • Phase 1 - ROOT: uncover the surprising root issue for what's blocking you (it's not what your mind thinks!)

  • Phase 2 - HONOR & SHIFT: honor who you've been up until now (caregiver, doer, achiever, invisible, chameleon...) and shift the patterns that no longer serve you

  • Phase 3 - MANIFEST: create-into-being what you most desire. We guide you in using art as a spiritual manifesting tool. 

art therapy group

A Wild Woman is:

  • free to be her true self

  • done with trying to be perfect

  • fulfilled and on purpose

  • trusting her inner knowing

  • expressing her truth to the world

The Wild Women Journey:​

Michelle has been running Wild Women since 2015. It's founded in principles of art therapy and has evolved over almost a decade of working with hundreds and hundreds of women.

art therapy group
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“Wild Women is listening to myself, healing to my heart and learning how to live my purpose."


Wild Women is a small group, high touch program designed for Creative Women using art as a tool for self discovery and healing.

Your soul purpose journey includes 2 small group calls each month where you create drawings and paintings that connect you with your innermost authentic Self and uncover blocks that have held you back up until now.

And you will also get access to Michelle's group healing calls where she teaches subtle body techniques to help you release core beliefs and basement-level fears that are holding you back from your destiny.


Michelle is the Creatrix of Wild Women and the Art as a Soul Language® method. She has a master's in art therapy and is trained in somatic trauma resolution and subtle body healing.

We've seen this framework of Art as a Soul Language®, archetypal wisdom, group processing and subtle body techniques provide transformational results taking you from

  • lost and stuck

  • TO on purpose and reconnected to your Self

We even have a money-back guarantee! Which is incredibly rare in therapeutic work...but we've already seen hundreds of women get the BREAKTHROUGH they were looking for!

 Group Details:

​      "Michelle loves guiding women on the path of finding our bravest and truest selves."


art therapy classes in denver

One BIG thing that keeps women STUCK is they don't invest in themselves. 

You can join a Wild Women Soul Purpose journey for less than weekly out-of-pocket therapy... 

But you may be so used to putting your needs last, focusing all your energy and resources into what everyone else needs...that you might not even consider doing the same for yourself.

Women who can take the leap and say "YES!" to themselves are the ones who get the most amazing results in our program. 

You can hear from some of our recent graduates who've already experienced life-changing transformation.


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