Wild Women

Art Therapy Group

I want to ask you this, "What is the big, meaningful, worthwhile goal you have for your life?"

  • If you've lost yourself by taking care of everyone else for sooo long

  • If you feel disconnected from what truly matters

  • If you don't know what comes next and feel stuck

  • You do so much but still feel not good enough

  • If you need to learn to trust yourself more

  • If you're ready to reclaim the lost parts yourself and feel truly empowered and on purpose

Wild Women will ground you in the things that are most important. It will focus your mind and allow your heart to lead the way. It will strengthen your intuition and help you express your truest, most authentic self.  

The journey will be unique to you, unfolding in your "just right" timing, putting you in the expert seat of your life.

If your heart is resonating...read on.

​      "Michelle's women's groups are truly amazing and transformative. I am in such a different space in my life than I was a year ago.

Michelle really helps guide the process but you do the work. She isn't telling you the path you should be on but gives you the tools for your own discovery."


I used to be a therapist...

until I realized there was a BETTER WAY.

That's when the Wild Women group was born! Now the women I work with set their own big, meaningful goal and literally create what they want most in life.

To me, a Wild Woman is:

  • authentic and honest with herself and others

  • able to love herself in all her human-ness

  • done with trying to be some idealized version of herself 

  • someone who abides by no "rules" and lives from her heart 

  • able to trust her instincts fully

  • an expression of wholeness 

 Wild Women:​​

  • never give advice because we know you're the expert in your process

  • take ownership for our own feelings

  • are motivated and willing to do "the work"

  • focus on our goals and watch for "victim mentality"

  • understand the power of the art process

  • cry, laugh, paint, journal, meditate, share and repeat

  • are most worried about not doing something and living a life of regret

“It really helps to check in along the way as you’re going through the painting and moving towards your goal. To see the things you’re doing differently in your life now and giving yourself credit for that.”


Wild Women is a small group, hand-picked by me to ensure each personality will work well together and are committed to doing the work.

The journey together lasts 6 months, meeting twice a month in person with additional content and accountability online and free access to all Open Studio times as well.

This art therapy group includes:

  • a big, meaningful, worthwhile painting that will mirror the big, meaningful goal you have in your heart

  • video content to help you live into your feminine gifts, know yourself more deeply and develop tools for getting through obstacles

  • group processing around the content, the painting and anything coming up for you

  • reflection questions and guided visualizations to help you bring the learning into your life

  • accountability check-ins through our online platform to keep you focused on yourself and the goals you've set

Art Therapy Group Details

Days, Times, Price:

  • We meet the 2nd & 4th Wednesday of each month from 6:30-9:00

  • Wild Women is $197/month for a 6 month transformational journey that will go by so much faster than you can imagine!

  • This group is only for women ready to commit to themselves, to each other, and to the work.

  • Transformation, empowerment and clarity are GAURANTEED!

Intrigued?! Next step: come to my event or fill out the form below.

Saturday, March 21st, 3:00-5:00 pm

$13 early bird, $20 general admission

When your life goes through a big change, the person you used to be no longer feels like YOU. 

The labels start to feel limiting.


  • Mom

  • Career-woman

  • Wife/Girlfriend

  • Caregiver

  • Superwoman taking care of everyone


Like pants that shrunk in the dryer and no longer fit you. It’s uncomfortable.

This can feel scary and disorienting…BUT it’s also exciting!

It’s time to redefine and recreate who you are. You get to expand what you’ve believed about yourself and what you’re capable of!

Come to this gathering of women who are ready to take life to the next level. Led by Michelle Baker, MA, Art Therapist & Owner of MBodied Art Studio. 

Enjoy her comfy studio as she outlines the feminine path for:

  • Honoring who you WERE

  • Getting crystal clear on who you want to BECOME

  • Literally creating the new YOU and having a great time doing it


*Leave knowing your next step out of the too-tight labels without falling into despair. 

*Find out how creativity is your untapped superpower to living the most honest and authentic life you’ve ever dare to live!

Are YOU the next Wild Woman?!
How confident are you this program will work for you?
The best way to understand art therapy is to experience it.
That's why I created this FREE email course that will lead you through simple, 5 minute intuitive drawing exercises that will help you:
  • trust yourself
  • know your purpose
  • make big life decisions with confidence
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