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About MBodied Art Studio

MBodied Art Studio is a woman-owned and operated business. It was created in 2014 by Michelle Baker, MA, in Art Therapy from a love of art and community. 
The studio is Michelle's response to what she thinks is wrong with our culture right now. Watch the video on our mission to hear more...
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Mission: Help people slow down, be creative,
and connect in real, authentic ways

  • Lacking authentic connections
  • Missing a sense of purpose
  • Stuck in busy-ness
  • Don't feel meaning in our lives

Who is Michelle?

"Hi, I'm Michelle, I help creative women trying to fill an emptiness inside Listen to their Soul speak using art as a path to purpose and inner wisdom.

Here are 3 things to know about me...


Art Lover: I've always loved art. In 2nd grade I remember being the class artist, making pictures of dragons for all my friends to hang on their desks.

Rule Breaker: It's just who I am. Always loved art, never wanted to be an artist. I have my Master's in Counseling but decided not to be a therapist. I own an art studio but don't teach "regular" art classes. I've always needed to find my own way...even though it's the harder path.

Visionary: I'm good at reading the signs and seeing what's possible in the future. In fact, I'm excellent at helping other people uncover their deepest desire.

Art as a Soul Language™: That's my personal process of art therapy + meaning-making + reflection. It's the step after therapy, when you're ready to Listen to your inner Truth."

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Meet our amazing teacher Shannon!

Denver art class

"Hi, there friends! My name is Shannon :) I am an art empowerer, fun facilitator, and a spunky adventurer who is also the instructor for MBodied Art Studio!


Art Empowerer: As soon as I fell in love with making art, I knew I had to share its magic with the world, which is why I became an art educator! In my own artwork as well, I aim to uplift women, reflecting and celebrating their own power and beauty.


Fun Facilitator: One of my strongest practices as an art teacher is making lessons plans! I find creative ways to teach techniques and fundamentals, keeping it fresh and fun always. I cherish the things in life that make us smile and will do almost anything to make people laugh and have a good time.


Spunky Adventurer: Ever since I can remember I've always had a determined,energetic, and curious personality. Art has given me the perfect outlet to consistently go deeper..including music to dance to as well! Outside my studio, I'm always discovering all mother nature has to offer :) That's me! Come take a class and share in the groove..your creative community is waiting."

What's a class with MBodied like?

  • We get to know each other every week
  • We care if you're gone!
  • We support you in your art AND your life
  • We connect to each other through the creative process
  • We can teach you to create things you feel proud of!
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Which path will you choose?

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Art as a Soul Language™

How has Michelle taught hundreds of women to read the hidden Soul Messages in their art?...

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Art Classes 

Drawing, Acrylics, Watercolor? Shannon will have you surprised by what you can create in your first month!

portrait painting

Getting Started Quiz

Not sure where to begin? Take our personality matching quiz to find the "just right" fit with one of our class offerings!

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