About MBodied Art Studio

MBodied Art Studio is a woman-owned and operated business. It was created in 2014 by Michelle Baker, MA, in Art Therapy from a love of art and community. 
The studio is Michelle's response to what she thinks is wrong with our culture right now. Watch the video on our mission to hear more...

Mission: Help people slow down, be creative,
and connect in real, authentic ways

  • Lacking authentic connections
  • Missing a sense of purpose
  • Stuck in busy-ness
  • Don't feel meaning in our lives

Who is Michelle?

"I've always enjoyed making art but never wanted to be an "artist". Instead I studied psychology, worked in early childhood education, lived in Thailand and one day decided to go back to school. That was when I discovered art therapy.
I realized I had always been using art for my personal growth and healing. With my Master's degree I became an art therapist and later opened MBodied. The studio has been the place where I've explored the in between space that's not quite art therapy and more than just a painting class. That's our Goldilocks story! Watch the video to hear how I found my "just right" place."
  • MBodied Art Studio is WAY different than other places
  • Special balance between art and art therapy
  • We want to know you and support you in art AND life
  • Feeling safe is really important in our classes
  • Deeper side of art for healing and growth

Meet our amazing teacher Shannon!

"My love for the arts started at an early age. As a child I would always be looking forward to my art classes, eager to create something new and beautiful. By the time I transitioned into college though, something had shifted; I questioned how I would be able to support myself by being an artist. Just as we all can do from time to time, I told myself I wasn’t good enough. Two years of my college career I searched for another degree that seemed more pragmatic. In these two years I was stressed, disconnected, and lost.


With lots of self-work I decided to journey back to what I loved and dove head first into the Art program at University of Utah. My love for the arts was reborn and all I wanted to do was share that with the world.


At home I work in my studio painting commissions, working on my own portfolio, and living a happy life with my boyfriend Jake and my two pets Tela and Phisher!  I also like to maintain a mental and physical balance through yoga practice, snowboarding in the winter, jamming out to live music, and traveling when adventure calls."

What's a class with MBodied like?

We get to know each other every week
We care if you're gone!
We support you in your art AND your life
We connect to each other through the creative process
We can teach you to create things you feel proud of!

Which path will you choose?

Art as a Soul Language™

How has Michelle taught hundreds of women to read the hidden Soul Messages in their art?...

Art Classes 

Drawing, Acrylics, Watercolor, Abstract? Shannon will have you surprised by what you can create in your first month!

Getting Started Quiz

Not sure where to begin? Take our personality matching quiz to find the "just right" fit with one of our class offerings!

MBodied Art Studio
(720) 443-1994
8781 Sheridan Blvd #6041
Westminster, Colorado 80031
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