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🎨 Paint From Your Soul

Certification Program

Paint From Your Soul
Do you dream of helping others and doing rewarding and creative work?

We're so stuck in the shadow of masculine energy that only by raising other women up, will we be able to heal the world.

What's most needed is women reconnecting with their intuition and divine feminine empowerment. 

If that mission RESONATES with you...

Consider becoming a Paint From Your Soul Facilitator. 
After making Soul Art with thousands of women, I've seen firsthand how transformational and empowering this type of art making is for women.

💜 It helps women HEAL
💜 Realize who they want to become
💜 Empower them to take action!
michelle baker, art therapy, in studio 2.PNG

If you want to be an empowering force in the world (and use your creativity in rewarding work) - this may be the perfect fit for you.

For the 1st time ever, I'm pulling back the curtain and sharing what I've learned from a master's in art therapy, 13+ years of making art with women and designing hundreds of workshops and wildly successful programs.

Make sure you follow your heart and learn more about this training.


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