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Why is art important?


Art develops important life skills that create successful people.

Creating art is an opportunity to “make special”. If you’ve ever received a hand made gift, had someone make you a piece of furniture or painted you a picture you know what this is about. It’s what makes us different from animals, we celebrate and make special and decide that things have significance.

Art is an opportunity to express yourself. We all have a voice and we all have the right to express ourselves. What more could you want for your child than to understand he or she has a unique voice and a right to express? Deciding what you want to share with the world requires an internal sense of self, no one else can tell you what you should express. And when you express yourself, it feels empowering. “I have something to say!”

When you make art, you commit to investing time and energy into an end goal. This process of sticking with it (sustained engagement) is a very important skill for children to learn. In the age of texting, google, video games and Facebook, how often are kids required to stick with something for more than a few seconds? When you sustain engagement and persevere, the end product is so much more gratifying and rewarding.

Art requires that you have an idea and then see it fully into realization. This process is called manifesting and it’s one of the most important things you can do in life. Instead of hoping that life brings things to you, motivated people manifest the future they want to have. It’s an amazing feeling to create what you want out of life.

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