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prioritize SOUL over STRESS

Here’s the secret: we’ve got it all wrong. What feels important, what we give so much of our time and energy to, it’s NOT the answer.

We actually need to nourish the soul. We need to come back into people and as a culture.

One of the best ways to care for the soul is by making art. It gets you tuned into your inner wisdom. It naturally brings you into flow. Expression is VITAL to the soul. And there's a beautiful energy exchange that happens when you make art that bring you into a balanced state of being.

The other secret: we need to make the commitment to creativity. Otherwise it gets put on the back burner. Trust me here, I own an art studio and can still NOT make art for months because I'm "too busy".

When you have art-making in your calendar every week, you look forward to it EVERY WEEK. You feel happier knowing you have that special time for you. And when you get into the creative flow every single week you feel BETTER! Taking care of the soul carries over into the rest of your life. Stress becomes less stressful.

What we offer at MBodied is a beautiful space that feels inspiring, a safe and supportive container to be creative in and expert guidance in creating what you want. We know the magic of making art...are you ready to make the commitment to yourself?!!

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