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4 Ways to Make More Time for Art

What is the number one thing that prevents you from creating art? Time or the lack thereof. After all, nobody has free time.

School, work, family and all the other responsibilities we juggle on a daily basis offer enough excuse for skipping art sessions. But how do you find time for art when you already have a full schedule? Read on and check out the suggestions below. Not only will you start making art, but you’ll also start changing your mindset.

Set limits for computer time

Most people would sit in front of the computer, look at other people’s stuff and then realize that an hour or two has passed.

If most of your free time is being eaten up by online activity, considering moving the computer out of your workspace. From now on, you’ll start making art when you enter the studio.

Make an appointment with yourself

Use your calendar to make time for things you love. Instead of trying to squeeze in creative time where you can, create a schedule and make sure you stick to it.

Determine what time of the day you are most productive and creative. If you are a night person, reserve at least half an hour for art after everyone goes to bed. If you are a morning person, then try painting early in the morning before getting ready for the office.


Crock pot is a truly amazing invention. Just throw all the ingredients in and you’ll have a hot, hearty meal in time for dinner. Now that dinner is cooking, you have time for art. Get all the materials ready and start painting.

Make sure you have the basics on hand

You found some new crafts you’re eager to try. It’s the weekend so you have time to work on your crafts after a few errands. You’re so excited to start working on this project, until you realize that you’re low on paint. Make sure you have all the basics on hand so don’t have to put it off again.

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