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Why Adults Are Going Back to Coloring Books

There’s something about a new box of crayons that I can’t help but appreciate, even at the age of 30. I was a big fan of coloring as a child. Every time I see a box of crayons, I think back on my childhood and remember the countless hours I used to spend choosing the right colors for my masterpieces. Imagine how excited I got when I saw a bunch of adult coloring books on Amazon.

Coloring has been making headlines lately, especially in Europe. Apparently, adult coloring books are outselling cookbooks in France, thanks to an unexpected new fan base. This trend is believed to have started with French women, who are looking for alternative ways to relax after hard day’s work and cope with stress. It turns out that this simple activity can help you calm down, zone down and reduce stress in a simple and healthy way.

Coloring: A new way to de-stress

Coloring is an activity that is mostly associated with children. It has entertained children for generations, providing a simple way of passing time. But if you think coloring is just for kids, think again.

Recent studies revealed that coloring can help adults unwind, de-stress, increase attention span, stabilize mood and lower anxiety. In an effort to combat stress, a huge percentage of British adults have turned to coloring books.

Coloring is an easy way to occupy the hands and calm the mind. When coloring, we focus on the task and not on our worries. It helps us escape from the difficulty of daily life and worries. It offers us a reprieve from our information-driven and fast-paced lifestyles.

Stop fighting your need to relax. If you still have a bag of crayons and a bunch of coloring books hidden under your bed, then go ahead and reach for it. Let the color and the lines flow.

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