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DIY Gift Wrap Ideas

A gift really is as good as its wrapping paper. But when it comes to giving gifts, there is one area where most of us are hesitant to splurge on - the gift wrapper. Oftentimes, you would choose the prettiest gift wrappers on the store, but it still doesn’t have that Martha Stuart touch that you’re looking for.

Now, you can bid farewell to the typical wrapping paper and boring gift tags. These clever DIY gift wrap ideas are sure to impress your family and friends. Plus, you can add some personal touches to your gifts and show the recipient how much you care. The best part is, you can use craft supplies that you already have in your home.

Foil baking gift wrap

Special occasions call for special packaging. If you want to give your gift some sparkle, all you need to do is to find some plain gold gift wrapper, metallic foil baking cups, ribbons and whatever you’ve got lying around in your craft box.

First, wrap the gift using the gold wrapping paper, then decorate the package. You can create a pin wheel, flower or ribbon out of the baking cups, put them together and voila! You’ve got yourself some shiny gold packages.


Put some pants on it

A party will never be complete without a bottle of wine. Make it extra special by dressing up that wine bottle in an old pair of denim jeans.

Cut 12 to 15 inches off the jean’s legs and sew the ends together. You can also use a fabric glue to attach the ends. If you need a place to tuck the wine opener, just cut the pocket and attach it to the front. Lastly, slip the bottle of wine inside and finish off with a ribbon.


Re-use paper bags

Instead of tossing out the paper bags from the grocery store, you can use them as a gift wrapper.

Plain brown paper bags give off that rustic and festive look when used as a wrapper. Plus, the possibilities of prettying up a brown paper package are nearly endless. You can use washi tapes, ribbons, hand-made gift tags, sequins etc.


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