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Tiger Woman


...continued from The Origin of Tiger Woman

After many months of contemplation, I was ready to change “mediocre woman” into “tiger woman”. Working with the shape of a human’s face and a tiger’s stripes, I added dark markings to her face and toned her skin orange. The marks felt definite and permanent; she would never be the same again. Once the marks were down it became easier to go along with the new identity. I gave her tiger-like eyes and kept her human nose and lips.

The final struggle was with her environment, where did Tiger Woman live? I shifted the background colors over and over again. I had met the fear of becoming Tiger Woman but then I didn’t know where she belonged. Another fear arose, what if I am so different than other people I don’t belong anywhere?

Finally Tiger Woman’s environment and face came to completion. This painting took over a year to finish because of the amount of time it took for me to contemplate her and her surroundings. It also took a year because my transition into this fierce stalker was slow and scary. Instead of becoming “one of the herd” and working in an agency, I chose to start a private practice and go into business for myself. I practice fierceness in business and went after what I wanted. Now, almost 3 years later, I own MBodied Art Studio and have manifested my dream job.

Whenever things got tough for me, I remember the tiger’s wisdom. It’s okay to be fierce and hunt for what you want. Do tiger’s worry about what other animals think about them?! Of course not! Are tiger’s wary of taking too much or being too big?! Of course not! So I have come to accept my inner tiger and am so thankful to this painting for showing me the way.

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