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The ART of Manifesting

Do you know what the art process is, really? When I want to paint a canvas, for example, what are the steps I got through to complete this task?

First, I need an idea. “What am I going to paint?…What do I want to share with the world?” Then I have to visualize it and figure out what it’s really going to look like. Third, I need materials.

Gather up the paint, brushes, palette, canvas and any other things I might need to begin. As I work on my painting there will be inevitable challenges…”How do I make that color? Where should this part go?” At this point I might need some creative problem-solving to overcome the obstacles. At the end, I have created something to share with the world.

This process of making art is actually the same as the manifesting process. Because manifesting is creating what you want. And art is manifesting your vision. They are the same process!

If I want to manifest something in my life, first, I need an idea. “What do I want?” Then I have to visualize it and figure out what it would look like. Then I need resources like materials, people, skills or finances to begin the journey. Will challenges inevitably arise? Of course they will, that’s what happens when you create anything in the world. So let’s bring in some creative problem-solving to jump those hurdles. In the end, I have achieved my vision and can share it with the world.

The other thing art-making and manifesting have in common is that they both feel unbelievably satisfying when you accomplish what you set out to do! It’s one of the best experiences of being human that I can think of.

Why do I bring up this comparison? Because as an artist, I practice the manifesting process every time I paint. I know what it feels like, I know myself in the process and I know how to navigate the challenges in the middle that can send some people running back to the drawing board. Art is a way for us to practice manifesting, with pretty low stakes. If I don’t see a canvas all the way through to completion, I just throw it away and start a new one.

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