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A Heart-Centered Business

About a year ago I was dreaming up the idea for MBodied Art Studio with the help of the book, Creating on Purpose: "the spiritual technology of manifesting through the chakras” by Anodea Judith and Lion Goodman. The process in this book helps you find a vision that is in line with your life purpose and to the benefit of others. From this place, I envisioned how the studio would feel, what it would provide and how the core of the offerings would be from the heart.

When I got into the physical space of the studio I began creating the feeling: safe, comfortable and homey with rugs, couches, plants and paintings. Being an art therapist, I decided I should create the heart that would represent my heart-centered business. This was the first painting I created in my very own art studio.

This painting began in the center with wavy rows of blues and purples to represent the deep feeling parts of my heart. With the inception of my dream studio, there had been some hard losses and wounds along the way. There is also a deep longing to be myself and share my gifts with the world.

From these dark internal colors, the heart transitions into rows and rows of warm reds, oranges and yellows radiating outward. From my heart, I wish to radiate warmth and love to all those that come into my studio. I want people to feel cared for, to feel seen and supported in their journey that has brought them through my door. I share my heart with you. ​

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