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The Best Thing I Did For Myself in 2015

As the year comes to a close, I can say with certainty there is one habit I will definitely continue in the new year.

The best thing I did for myself in 2015 was create a morning routine that starts each day off with centering activities. For me, the first and most important one is writing. I write in my journal every (almost every) morning. It is a sacred time when I check in with myself and see “what’s up.” I don’t write about what happened yesterday, I write about how I am today, right now. I ask myself “what’s making me happy?” “What am I struggling with?” “How do I feel about life right now, today?” Or any other thought that pops into my head as I am waking up.

Second, I do some sort of exercise. This habit happened accidentally, when I started seeing a chiropractor. Part of my rehabilitation plan are exercises I need to do every morning. I have been pleasantly surprised to find the discipline required to do exercises every morning (only about 5-10 minutes worth) is a great practice in self-discipline. And not just any discipline, but a commitment to my own wellness. That has been a powerful mindset to begin my mornings.

For a moment, it’s important to discuss the 80-20 rule. This fabulous rule is how I approach everything in my life: 80% of the time, try your best and 20% of the time, let it go. That is why I mention writing or exercise almost every morning. Sometimes it’s just not in the cards because of schedule or how late I slept in. Then I let go of my morning routine without guilt or shame. If I want to write or meditate later in the day, I will.

These morning habits ensure each day begins with my wellness. Checking in with my body and my mind to find my center every day. Plus, I realize now that real change is only ever made with long-term commitment. It’s easy to do something once in awhile but doing it every single day brings up determination, discipline and a commitment to one’s self. I am committed to connecting to myself every (almost every) day in the new year.

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