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Celebrate with MBodied!

A birthday is so special to a child. Looked forward to for months and hopefully remembered long after, its importance cannot be overstated. MBodied Art Studio loves helping make birthdays special by providing a beautiful venue, kind teachers, awesome art materials and lasting memories.

For the preschool age birthday (3-6 years old), MBodied knows the excitement and energy of this age group and enjoys hosting art exploration parties. Multiple project ideas and materials are offered throughout the studio so that the children can make several cool projects and move around the room. The birthday child and guests go home with art memories of the special event!

For children ages 7 and up, they can also enjoy a canvas painting birthday party! These parties are 2 1/2 hours in length so the kids can dive into the painting process and make it their own. The venue is perfect for making this a special event; each child gets their own studio easel, quality brushes and 16x20” canvas to paint on! The birthday child gets to choose the painting topic and each child will go home with a truly special memory that can hang on the wall for years to come.

MBodied also loves hosting canvas painting parties for adults. These events are 3 hours long so that guests can enjoy snacks and drinks throughout the evening. The painting process is broken down into steps so there are natural breaks when its fun to see what everyone else is working on. Led by a skilled instructor, adults are always surprised by what they can do!

Perhaps most important, for any type of birthday party or celebration, MBodied is a homey environment that naturally creates a sense of comfort. The natural light, couches and rugs help you feel right at home for your special event. As a smaller venue, for 8 to 10 artists, having your own private painting party or art exploration party will be affordable as well as memorable. We can’t wait to celebrate with you and give the gift of art for your next event!

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