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Reasons Why Art is Good for Kids


Children naturally love art. Unfortunately, school curricula in the United States have shifted heavily in the recent years, and are now focused on subjects such as Math and Reading, but what about the arts?

While we agree that it is important to focus on academics, we should also keep in mind that art, in childhood education, is also essential. Here are 5 reasons why art is good for kids.

Encourages creativity

Art opens a child’s mind and heart to possibilities and fuels imagination. Art gives children a chance to learn by doing, instead of just being lectured to.

Improve academic performance

According to a report that was published by American for the Arts, there is a correlation between art and other achievements. In the said report, researchers revealed that children who participate in art programs perform better in academic subjects such as science and math. They can also read better. Hence, these children are more likely to be recognized for their academic achievement.

Develops the whole brain

Art was found to have benefits on a child’s brain. Studies show that children, who were exposed to arts and crafts, particularly at a young age, are able to think out of the box. In fact, researchers from Michigan State University have discovered that these children are more likely to publish provocative papers on science and technology, come up with ideas to that are good enough to start their own company and create unique inventions that are worthy of patents.

Decision making

Art teaches kids that questions can have more than one answer and problems can have multiple solutions. The experience of making choices and decisions in the process of making art carries over in other aspects of life.

Helps improve motor development

When children make art, they develop control over small and large muscle groups. Many of the motions involved in art such as scribbling with a crayon, holding a paintbrush, folding or cutting papers , are all essential to the development of their fine motor skills.

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