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Ways to Foster Your Child’s Creativity


A lot of people believe that creativity is an inborn talent. But the truth is, creativity is more of a skill that can be harnessed. And you, as a parent, can help them develop this skill.

By fostering your child’s creativity, you are helping him/her mature emotionally, mentally and socially. These ideas will provide them with an opportunity to explore their artistic side and even develop their analytic skills.

Ditch the usual art materials

While it is important to provide your kids with typical art supplies, you can take your art activity to a whole new level by switching out crayons and markers with paint and some unexpected tools like cotton swabs, sponges and feathers. Encouraging your kids to express themselves in a new way can help spark their creativity.

Invent a superhero identity

Most children dream of becoming a superhero. Let his mind take a break from constant activity and feed his fantasy by creating his own superhero persona.

Ask the child what kind of superpowers he wants to have and a name he would choose. A superhero will never be complete without a costume, right? Bring out some old sheets and art materials and create an outfit for this adorable superhero.

Capture the world

Sometimes, we need to see life through a different lens to see how our kids perceive the world. Hand your child with an old camera and allow him to take pictures of things he love. Once he’s done, go through the photos with him and encourage him to tell you something about the pictures he has taken.

Provide encouragement

Creativity cannot be forced, but it does benefit from encouragement.

Sometimes, kids get frustrated if they are unhappy of their work. You need to appreciate the effort that they have put into their artwork and help them understand that not being able to draw perfectly the first time doesn’t mean that they are bad artists. Encourage them to try again.

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