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Things to Do With Kid’s Art

Regardless of your kid’s natural artistic talent, it’s likely that you feel that every drawing, painting or collage your child produce is a masterpiece. Yes, they are cute, but the refrigerator can only hold so much.

Kids have no shortage of inspiration and creativity, and if your kids are like mine, then there’s probably a mini avalanche every time you open the refrigerator.

Here are a few ways for decluttering the fridge, preserving your child’s most cherished work of art and showcasing their artwork with family and friends.

Create a home gallery

Take a cue from the art classrooms of your elementary school days and hang up a clothesline in a designated art space.

Pick one area of the house – an area that would be visible to everyone. Clip the artwork to a wire stretched between a couple of hook-eye screws. Select your favorites. Have your kids to pick their favorites as well. Switch out projects as often as you want.

Take photos of the art

If the thought of tossing their artwork breaks your heart, then we suggest that you take a photo before you get rid of it. You may have thrown some of their artwork, but at least you didn’t lose its memory. Compile all of the photos in a CD so you can look back at it or show it to your little one, whenever you want to reminisce.

Use them as gift wraps

If your walls have reached capacity but you still have precious artwork that you can’t get yourself to throw, you can use them as gift wraps. This will not only save you money, it also helps reduce clutter.

Pass some along to grandparents

Grandparents love receiving artworks from their grandkids. Sit down with the stack and identify the keepers. Snap photos of your childrens’ art and create a digital photo book. Apple’s iPhoto and Shutterfly allows you to create one in a few easy steps.


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