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The Truth about Creativity (and why you don’t make art as often as you plan to)

I know I’m not alone here when I say that my intentions to make art greatly outweigh my actual art making endeavors. I’m not alone because I know the truth about creativity as I’ve seen it play out the same for every person I’ve known: creativity is a discipline just like going to the gym or going to work. Sometimes you don’t want to do it and sometimes you have to make yourself do it.

“You can’t force creativity!” Yes, yes, we like to believe creativity is this fleeting blessing from the divine that only strikes occasionally. Those moments happen, for sure, but believing we have to wait for creativity to strike is where the thinking goes wrong. If you love your art making time, then you have to set yourself up to have it. Like going to the gym, you might need to push a little to create the movement there but once you’re there, you get in the flow.

I own an art studio…so you’d think if anyone, I would make art all the time, right? Well the first 7 months of owning my business, I was so busy I realized I had completely stopped making my own paintings! How ironic is that?! That was when I truly learned this lesson: no matter how easy and accessible your art making is to you, you have to put forth the effort and discipline to make it happen.

The happy ending to my story is that I eventually developed the discipline. When a class is painting, instead of working on my computer doing business-things, I paint!

So if you’re wanting to develop this discipline here’s a few other tricks to help:

  1. Commit to a class

  2. Make art with other people

  3. Go, even if you think you don’t want to, and notice how much you enjoy it

That’s what MBodied Art Studio is for! To help you commit to your self-care-art-time with classes, structure and a community of supportive people that make it more fun. Join us sometime, even if you have to push a little to get there :)

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