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  • Writer's pictureMichelle Baker, MA

Do you want to feel inspired?

Be encouraged. Find insight. Explore your creativity. Feel enthusiastic. Find a vision. These are some synonyms for being inspired. Sound like something you’re craving?

Inspiration is the fuel for my life. I need it, I feed off it, I seek it out. Why? Because it feels amazing to be inspired. It’s tingly excitement for what’s happening and what’s coming next. It’s like being really alive in this moment. I love it!

I am offering this wonderful experience to you as well. I want you to be inspired! Why? Because a roomful of people feeling inspired is contagious and amazing! This is the goal for every class in my art studio, to feel inspired. To be encouraged and feel safe to explore your creativity. To find insight in your art. To find a vision for what you want to create and share with the world. Wow, I get excited just writing about it!

Being inspired will carry into the rest of your life. In our world of mass produced everything, you can feel unique and “on purpose”. Inspiration connects us to something bigger. The best part of being human. You will look at the mountains and feel beauty and connection. You will have more patience with others because you are connected to what’s important. You will feel more meaning in your life when you are inspired.

It truly is that amazing. Come and join the community of beautiful people making art together, encouraging each other, inspiring each other. Or find a different avenue for your inspiration. Any form it comes through, inspiration is a gift. Let’s all enjoy it and share it.

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