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"Mapping" a Face

How to draw a face. Michelle and Shannon from MBodied Art Studio teach you the step-by- step way to draw a face that looks good every single time!

If you've wanted to feel good at drawing people but never knew how, there is a way to map out a face so it is proportional and will look good every time.

Shannon will show you how to use the symmetry of the face to draw it out so that the eyes and nose are all even and correctly placed. She teaches this face map in our drawing class here in Westminster, CO.

Our students love learning to draw because it helps them feel less stressed from everyday life when they get into a creative flow.

They also like learning something new. Especially when Shannon can teach them the tricks that make it all so much easier.

Learning to draw is really about learning to see and break things down into simple shapes. You'll be surprised by what's possible when you have a good teacher!

Feeling inspired?! This lesson comes from our Drawing Class. Or we can help match you to a medium with our Getting Started page!

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