Which Medium Matches YOU?!

Find out which art medium matches your personality with our fun matching quiz!


Acrylics, drawing, watercolor...all have their own personality.

And we are drawn to them because they match us. 

Take this fun matching quiz right now!

Read the descriptions below, choose the one that sounds most like you and click that image to find out the medium that best fits YOU! 
Have FUN! There are no wrong answers or wrong choices in art!
Denver painting class

You're closer to the extroverted side of being and a bit bold in your way of engaging with people. You need flexibility and the ability to change your mind and go in a new direction. For you, art will be a place to see what you're capable and share yourself with others.

bold, flexible, expressive

Denver painting class

You are more of a type "A" person; things should go a certain way and you prefer to have control. You like predictability, precision and consistency. You are a rational thinker.  For you, art might be a place to get lost in the details. 

precision, consistency, control

Denver painting class

You are reflective, growth-oriented and introspective. You enjoy connecting with people authentically, talking about what's really going on and being real. For you, art would be another way to reflect on who you are and your next level of growth.

introspective, real, authentic

Denver painting class

You strike a delicate balance in life: you like to have a plan AND once things are in motion, you can go with the flow. You are likely introverted, soft and maybe shy. You enjoy calm and harmony. Art will be a place for you to focus and find your inner zen.

balance, organic, zen

Denver painting class

You are a rebel! You don't want to fit into a box or do things the way everyone else does. You have a sense of humor and can also be very deep. Finding your own unique voice and expressing yourself is what drives you in art.

rebel, unique, deep

quiz landscape person.jpg

You are a nature-lover and most inspired by the beauty of the outdoors. When you make art, you're interested in making it look real, conveying texture, light and shadow. You are pragmatic and use nature to help with your work-life balance.

outdoorsy, pragmatic, creative

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