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Abstract Art is Freedom!

Did you know most kids stop making art around the age of 11 or 12? At this point in cognitive development, kids begin to want their art to look real and if they can’t accomplish this feat they give up on art altogether. Many adults have affirmed this to be the story of when they stopped making art.

I tend to agree, if art had to be realistic, I wouldn’t enjoy it much either. But that's the thing…it doesn’t have to be like anything! That’s why I love abstract art, it allows my mind and my technique some much needed freedom. When I paint something that doesn’t even exist, who can say it's wrong?! The freedom I find in abstract art is what creating is all about: freedom to express. Freedom from the confines of our structured world. So as adults, should we force art to fit within the same strict schedule we loathe about work? Should we define and limit our expression to make it fit into a box?!

For those free spirits and rebels like me who are interested in breaking the rules (or realizing there are NO rules at all) you might just enjoy abstract art. Especially if you gave it up a long time ago but secretly wish you could or would paint, I challenge you to give it a try! Allow yourself to find the freedom in abstract, see if you can reconnect to the enjoyment all people felt when making art at those younger ages.

I’m super excited to bring abstract painting classes to MBodied. I can’t wait to inspire students to create outside the box and enjoy the freedom art and expression are here for!

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