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Haven for Introverts

I’m sitting in a roomful of people who are silent, totally absorbed in what they are doing, soft music playing in the background and a sense of community and belonging. This is one of my favorite things as an introvert, enjoying the company of others while totally engaged in what I am doing.

Now, we’re not silent all the time. We talk, we laugh and engage. The difference is, that’s not the focus of our gathering. We gather to paint, our focus is on creative expression and we do so together because it’s more fun to do it with other people! And it’s really satisfying to get in the flow together and also have someone to ask for help or perspective on your art.

Painting classes at MBodied are an introverts haven. For the shy or soft spoken, your art can speak for you. Your eyes can be on what you’re creating while you side-talk to the person next to you. I find this type of interaction the most comfortable as an introvert. This does not mean extroverts won’t also enjoy painting class, it just means they might be met with periods of quiet concentration.

If you are an introvert, or an extrovert who enjoys art making, this is your place!

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