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The #1 Surprising Reason for Creative Blocks

I've worked with hundreds of adults who are taking art classes and they come to me when they're feeling creatively blocked. They're usually feeling frustrated that the art isn't looking the way they want and it's getting them down.

But what I ask often surprises them. I don't want to know what brush they're using or how much water they're adding. I ask, "What is the reason that you're in this class?"

And they usually say, "to learn something new." "to get back into art." "to have creative time built into my schedule."

And when we REMEMBER our bigger why for making art, the block often dissipates.

If you're not trying to quit your day job and sell art for a living...but you ARE miserable learning in class because it doesn't look like the teachers're missing the bigger picture.

This was supposed to be fun! This was supposed to bring creativity into your life, not frustration!

Sure, it's okay to want to get better. But focusing ONLY on the end product is problematic. And that's what most adults do.

To shift the creative block, come back to your bigger WHY. Remember what this is really supposed to be about for you. And that will often loosen the block you've been having around your art.

You can still learn techniques and theory! Just don't forget the most important part!


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