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About our Classes!

Art classes are taught by Shannon, an expert in art instruction. She will demonstrate the lesson step by step so that you can SEE the technique and process unfold. 
Michelle guides women into the deeper layers of meaning, growth & transformation in her Art Therapy Groups.
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painting classes for beginners
We offer 3 levels of assignments for each lesson so that you can choose a beginner, intermediate or advanced option for yourself. 
MBodied is a membership-based art studio because we love community!
Instead of just taking a painting class you are subscribing to our studio and getting access to:
  • our online platform
  • library of videos and lessons
  • discounts on all other classes & workshops
Many of our members have been with us for a year or more!!!
painting classes for beginners
What if I miss a class?
No problem! We've really made it SO easy for you because Shannon records her lessons.
You will have access to the video lesson and the step-by-step written guide for any class in our online platform 
painting classes for beginners

More F.A.Q.'s

painting classes for beginners
What do I need to be prepared for my first night?
  • Make sure you have your Zoom link handy 
  • Dress for art-making
  • Check the materials list for your class to make sure you have everything you need
  • We will introduce you to the other students and help you feel right at home!
  • MBodied Art Studio is WAY different than other places
  • Special balance between art and art therapy
  • We want to know you and support you in art AND life
  • Feeling safe is really important in our classes
  • Deeper side of art for healing and growth
Sounds great! Where to next?
Michelle with red flower painting.png

Art as a Soul Language

How does Michelle take art beyond pretty pictures and technique into the language of the soul?...


Art Classes 

Drawing, Acrylics, Watercolor, Abstract? Shannon will have you surprised by what you can create in your first month!

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Getting Started Quiz

Not sure where to begin? Take our personality matching quiz to find the "just right" fit with one of our class offerings!

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