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Art as a Soul Language®

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I've done over a decade of therapy, trainings and read hundreds of books...but none of those helped me discover my soul purpose.

I found purpose & direction when I remembered how to listen to my own Inner Wisdom.

We are guided every day by our Higher Self but have forgotten how to Listen with a capital "L."

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Journaling, talk therapy and self-help books are stuck at the mind level.

90% of what you need to heal and unlock your purpose happens at the Soul level.

Art as a Soul Language will bypass the mind and reveal your Soul Wisdom - guiding you to purpose and fulfillment every single day. 

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"This is for women who want to see what has kept them back from their hearts true desires."

Would you like a map back to yourself?

A tool for listening to your own Inner Wisdom?

Art as a Soul Language will:

  • Build trust in yourself

  • Enhance your creativity

  • Help you express your authentic self

  • Allow your heart to lead the way to what you're meant to be doing

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I created this revolutionary process after facilitating thousands of individual art therapy sessions, groups and workshops.

What I found was that some art delivered Soul Messages and other art did not. 

So I've crafted a specific art making method that delivers surprising Soul Messages every single time.

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"This helped me trust in myself, in my own abilities, my talents and my voice."

art therapy near me
"This helped me find my voice again, and realign myself with my true wants and aspirations.

Now I feel comfortable expressing my true self to others."


Art as a Soul Language™ takes women deep into personal growth and self-discovery.

I teach this process in my online Wild Women program, in person and online Art as a Soul Language® workshops and retreats at MBodied Art Studio.

This proven process has already helped hundreds of women listen to their Soul Speak, using art as a path to purpose and inner wisdom.

You can explore more about Art as a Soul Language with my free guide or become a Wild Woman and go on a soul purpose journey of your own...

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Free Guide to Using Art as a Soul Language®

Want to see how art contains Soul Messages guiding you towards healingand growth? Come get my FREE guide to Art as a Soul Language and start listening to your Soul Wisdom. 

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Wild Women Soul Purpose Journeys

If you feel lost or stuck in life and want to finally BREAK FREE of the deepest beliefs and patterns holding you back - this 9 month women's group is for you...

Soul Art Awakening workshop test images.png

Soul Art Awakening Workshop

This workshop offers a powerful method beyond vision boards that helps individuals discover Soul Messages, guiding them towards purpose and fulfillment in life.

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