Art as a Soul Language

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There is a different type of art, beyond making a pretty picture...

Art that only YOU can make.

Art as a Soul Language™ is an intuitive art process that bypasses the thinking mind and gets to the heart and soul of what's really going on. 

Imagine in your art, hidden messages you didn't intend to be there...but they're there nonetheless.

These are Soul Messages, speaking directly to YOU and to your life.

Guidng you towards healing and purpose.


Art as a Soul Language ™ will help you Listen with a capital "L" to the messages your soul's been whispering for years...

How does art reveal Soul Messages?

Soul speaks through metaphor. It is the meaning in your art that matters, not your technique or shading skills.

(Good news! Anyone can make this type of art!)

Images have multiple layers of meaning.

This is how you can create "A"...but later see "B.

The Universal Truth we use in this process is:

"Everything is a mirror for you."

Here's an example...

Birth of Me painting.png

I just knew this painting had to be red. After working on it for a couple hours I stood back and described it as "raw."

So I looked up raw in the dictionary: "painfully open."

BAM. That was me in that moment.

I was painfully open. I was raw. It was a birthing process.

Later I connected the heart, woman and Earth with those concentric rings. 

What was being born was a higher vision I have for my life:

to unite Woman, Soul and Earth together.

When I read the Soul Messages, I realized this painting was guiding me toward's my true purpose in life.

"Michelle is a talented, insightful leader and she brings thoughtfulness and humor into every interaction. I love the way I look at and trust in my art thanks to Michelle."

After you've done a lot of therapy or personal growth work it's time to get down to the deeper levels: this is Soul work.

The art will guide you to your next level of healing.

There is nothing more powerful than your own image speaking back to you.

The art becomes the place where we take the next step. We can practice being:

more powerful

more brave

more bold IN the art

I always tell the women I work with: 

"If you're not willing to do in art...

You're never gonna do it in life."

You can do this too!


Michelle takes women deep into personal growth and self-discovery with her Art as a Soul Language™ online Mystery School programin person and online Art as a Soul Language™ workshops and weekend retreats at MBodied Art Studio.

Learn to read the Soul Messages in your art.

Listen to your Inner Wisdom and trust yourself on a deep level.



It doesn't require a big painting.


"I love teaching women how simple, intuitive drawings hold profound Soul Messages about their life and purpose." -Michelle

"Taking classes with Michelle helped me find my voice again, and realign myself with my true wants and aspirations. Now I feel comfortable expressing my true self to others."

If you'd like to try Art as a Soul Language ™ for yourself, come see if Michelle's Mystery School or Wild Women resonates with you or get your FREE Ultimate Guide to

Art as a Soul Language™...

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Mystery School

Learn to use Art as a Soul Language ™ with simple, intuitive drawings that will reveal hidden Soul Messages guiding you towards self discovery, healing and purpose in life. Enjoy a wise woman community of soul-aligned Seekers like you.

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Wild Women Soul

Purpose Journeys

Wild Women is a 6-month program that will ground you in the things that are most important. It will focus your mind and allow your heart to lead the way. It will strengthen your intuition and help you express your truest, most authentic self.  

The journey will be unique to you, unfolding in your "just right" timing, putting you in the expert seat of your life.

If your heart is on.

Ultimate Guide to Art as a Soul Language™ 

If you're a Creative Spirit, a lover of self discovery (like me), open and curious about how art can reveal your soul purpose...

Then The Ultimate Guide to Art as a Soul Language™ is the answer!

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