Art as a Soul Language

There is a different type of art, beyond making a pretty picture...

Art that only YOU can make.

This art is about expression. Showing how something feels to you. Conveying your inner world.

You can use it to create a dialogue with your Higher Self.

Art is a soul language. I can teach you how to Listen with a capital "L" to the messages it's been whispering for years...

How can art help you Listen to soul messages?

It's easier than you might think. In fact, I am always astonished how quickly women pick up on it once I teach them...because it's a gift of the feminine that has been forgotten (but not lost).

Soul speaks through metaphor. It is the meaning in your art that matters, not your technique or shading skills.

The Universal Truth we use in this art making is:

"Everything is a mirror for you."

When you create, what you create, how you create it...

This is all information about YOU.

Art is My Spiritual Guru

Take this painting for example.

I just knew it had to be red. After working on it for a couple hours I stood back and described it as "raw."

So I looked up raw in the dictionary: "painfully open."

BAM. That was me in that moment.

I was painfully open. I was raw. I could see it as birthing process: the pain and the potential of what I was shedding and what I was becoming.

Later I connected the heart, woman and Earth with those concentric rings. To me, those radiating rings are Soul.

I realized what was being born was a higher vision I have for my life:

to unite Woman, Soul and Earth altogether.

You can do this too!

You can feel confidently guided through life when you learn to Listen to your Inner Wisdom and trust yourself on this level.


It doesn't require a big painting. Simple, 2-minute intuitive drawings can also provide a depth of insight.

What you need is:

Undo what you think you know about art

Guidance in unraveling metaphor

A container based on Universal Truths

Support, reflection and witnessing 

To ask the right questions

"Michelle is a talented, insightful leader and she brings thoughtfulness and humor into every interaction. I love the way I look at and trust in my art thanks to Michelle."
"Taking classes with Michelle helped me find my voice again, and realign myself with my true wants and aspirations. Now I feel comfortable expressing my true self to others."

There are 2 ways you can work with Michelle using art as a Soul Language:

Woman Soul Earth

Mystery School

Learn to use art as a soul language with simple, intuitive drawings. Explore self-mastery topics each month with 2 live calls, art-making, small group reflections and bonus content that teaches you to read soul messages.

Wild Women Soul Purpose Journey

7 month long, small group journey focused on a  deep desire you have for your life. We use a big painting process to manifest your heart onto canvas, evoking all the learning and growth needed to become the highest version of you.

Or Explore Art Classes with Shannon

Art Class Schedule

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