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Soul Art Awakening!

Art as a Soul Language workshop

WAY beyond vision boards...this powerful method helps you discover surprising Soul Messages that will guide you to manifesting your dreams into reality.
If you'd like to learn to
~make art from your soul
~connect to your inner knowing
~receive Soul Messages that are guiding you towards purpose and fulfillment this year...

❤️ THIS workshop is for you!
Create your own, completely original Soul Art drawing infused with deep meaning and clarity for creating the future you desire.

(You don't have to be "good" at drawing - even stick figures reveal Soul Messages!)

You'll experience a tailored 2 part Art as a Soul Language® experiential that will bring clarity and direction to you.  

Guaranteed to bypass the mind and reveal Soul Messages 👊

✅ You will leave feeling inspired by what you created
✅ deeply connected to your Truth
✅ and buzzing with clarity for your path to purpose this ye

Because this workshop will have high touch, small group support, the spaces are very limited.

So sign up NOW to secure a spot and you'll also save $$ with early bird ticket prices.

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