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Art Classes Schedule

drawing class near me

Drawing (ONLINE)

Mondays 6:30-9:00 MST

Drawing is really about learning to SEE. It's a fundamental skill for all art-making and amazing when you learn to translate what you see onto paper. 

watercolor painting classes near me

Watercolor Painting (ONLINE)

Tuesdays 3:45-6:15 MST

Zen and flow are the name of the watercolor game!

This class will teach you to paint and relax you to the core.

acrylic painting classes near me

Acrylic Painting (ONLINE)

Tuesdays 6:30-9:00 MST

Acrylics are fun and easy to learn with. Enjoy inspiring lessons that teach you how to paint while making beautiful pieces you'll feel proud of.

Or check out Michelle's Free Art as a Soul Language® offerings:


Michelle close up on white.png

Free Guide to Using Art as a Soul Language®

If you're intrigued by my Art as a Soul Language™ process, come and get my FREE guide so you can get a taste for what it's like to listen to your Soul Speak through art.

Ugly Venn Diagram Template.png

Free Unlock Your Purpose Challenge

Michelle will reveal the 5 step framework for overcoming the blocks that have held you back from purpose even when you've already tried therapy, coaching, tarot, journaling and vision boards.

Find out how to quickly get to the root cause for what's blocking you using art to access your Soul Wisdom.

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