Art Classes Schedule

abstract painting classes

Abstract Painting (ONLINE)

Mondays 3:45-6:15 MST

Get inspired with a wide range of painting techniques and creative freedom. This class will help you develop your own unique style.

drawing class near me

Drawing (ONLINE)

Mondays 6:30-9:00 MST

Drawing is really about learning to SEE. It's a fundamental skill for all art-making and amazing when you learn to translate what you see onto paper. 

watercolor painting classes near me

Watercolor Painting (ONLINE)

Thursdays 3:45-6:15 MST

Zen and flow are the name of the watercolor game!

This class will teach you to paint and relax you to the core.

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Intro to Acrylics (ONLINE)

Wednesdays 5:00-7:30 MST

Learn how to make paintings you LOVE! We will demystify the fundamentals of acrylics, color, brush techniques and more in this 6 week intro class!

acrylic painting classes near me

Acrylic Painting (ONLINE)

Thursdays 6:30-9:00 MST

Acrylics are fun and easy to learn with. Enjoy inspiring lessons that teach you how to paint while making beautiful pieces you'll feel proud of.

Or check out Michelle's Art as a Soul Language™

women's program


art therapy classes for women

Woman Soul Earth

Mystery School (ONLINE)

Learn to use Art as a Soul Language ™ with simple, intuitive drawings that will reveal hidden Soul Messages guiding you towards self discovery, healing and purpose in life. Enjoy a wise woman community of soul-aligned Seekers like you.