How to Choose My Art Class

Find out which art medium matches your personality with our fun matching quiz!


Acrylics, drawing, watercolor...all have their own personality.

And we are drawn to them because they match us. 

You'll enjoy the art class that matches your personality best!

Below are 6 cards. Choose the picture/words most like you. Click to find out which medium matches YOU!
Have FUN! There are no wrong answers or wrong choices in art!
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You want your art to be vibrant and bold, just like you.

You appreciate fluidity and the ability to change your mind while being creative.

This is me!

bold, flexible, expressive

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You are more of a type "A" person.

You are a rational thinker.  

For you, art is a place to get lost in the details and honing in your "artist" eye.

This is me!

precision, consistency, control

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You enjoy connecting with people authentically, talking about what's really going on and being real.

For you, art would be another way to reflect on who you are and your next level of growth.

This is me!

introspective, deep, authentic

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You want your art to be your "zen-time."

You enjoy having some structure and a "right way" to do things...this helps you feel creative.

This is me!

balance, organic, zen

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You are a rebel! 

You don't want to fit into a box or do things the way everyone else does.

Finding your own unique voice and expressing yourself is what drives you in art.

This is me!

rebel, unique, strange

fun classes for adults near me

You are a nature-lover and most inspired by the beauty of the outdoors.

For you, art is about honoring the beauty of the world and making something to hang on your walls.

This is me!

outdoorsy, pragmatic, creative

This quiz was designed by Michelle Baker, Art Therapist & Owner of MBodied Art Studio.

Part of art therapy is understanding the personality of mediums.

By matching yourself to a medium, you'll fun a class that fit you and is more fun! 

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