Acrylic Paint Class

Acrylic paints are fun and easy to learn with. And when you join this class, you'll find yourself looking forward to it every single week!

We can teach you everything you need to create beautiful paintings, GUARANTEED. And with MBodied, you'll also become part of our amazing community. This is a place to come where everyone knows your name and wants to hear how your week has been.

The hardest part is saying "yes" to yourself. Believing you deserve this creative me time. The easiest part is clearing your mind, leaving the day behind and getting into the creative flow!


  • Acrylic Paint Class meets Thursdays 6:30-9:00 all skill levels welcome 

  • During COVID, signing up for Acrylics will give you access to ALL our other classes as well!

  • If you're a beginner, we will teach you the foundational concepts first

  • When you have the foundations of painting down, you can choose more complex assignments that expand your learning and skills

  • You will learn through: teacher demos, lots of painting practice and individualized attention

  • We have months of creative assignments to help you learn and grow with the same group of awesome people!

  • BE AMAZED by what you are able to create when you have the time and instruction in painting!

4 Pack Starter Package


MBodied focuses on community and growth. We love connecting over art and creativity every week!

Our simple 1 month subscription of $119 includes:

  • Acrylics Class every Thursday

  • ALL our other art classes (Drawing, Abstract, Landscapes, Watercolor and Art Therapy)

  • Library of video tutorials, creativity building exercises & more!

  • Strong focus on community

  • Guaranteed time for your self-care 



"I found myself looking forward to each week and getting really excited for a couple hours to clear my mind and create something." 

FAQ's about our Acrylic Paint Class

What if I'm going to miss a class?

No problem, we've got you covered. Your membership includes FREE access to all our Open Studio times and we record each lesson so you can watch it later. 

What will the classes be like? 

We always start in the comfy couch area and say "hello" to each other. 

Then Shannon will demo the lesson for the night. Then students start working on their assignment and have individual help when needed. 

Why do you practice on canvas?

Painting a canvas can feel intimidating...we want it to turn out a certain way. We paint on canvas every night so that you can enjoy the benefits of canvas while overcoming the expectations of what it "should be." 

Who will be in my class?

Your class will be adults who are looking to relax, be creative and express themselves. In special occasions, we let mature teens into our classes as well. There will be no more than 15 students total and everyone is nice and supportive.

What if I have absolutely no experience? 

No experience is great! We can teach you all the fundamentals of painting in about 6-8 weeks. Our curriculum offers absolute beginner assignments through challenge assignments so that you can actually choose what you want to paint and what feels like the just-right fit for you. 

How do I prepare for my first night?

For your first night, make sure you know our address and leave early so that you can get settled in with a cup of tea and not feel rushed. You do not need to bring any supplies. You may want to think about how you are dressed for making art.

How much individual instruction will I get? 

After teaching the painting lesson, Shannon will walk around the room so that you can get individual instruction whenever you need it. This allows for you to get into the flow and not be bothered OR get any help you need just depending on your mood for the evening!

Learn to paint trees right now!

Painting is EASY when someone teaches you the tricks!

"Shannon provides enough new techniques each class to give you something new to work on and to be able to complete each assignment but not so much that it’s overwhelming. The other students are also encouraging and helpful. It feels like a community. I’d definitely recommend MBodied to anyone interested in learning more about art."
"MBodied is a great art studio for beginner and advanced artists alike! I had never painted a day in my life before, and since joining MBodied, I've learned so many new skills! I've also been amazed to see what the other men/women in class create. The studio is very warm, welcoming and judgement free."
"I discovered a whole community of people who wanted the same thing, ranging from very beginners to very talented artists, at Mbodied Arts. Shannon and Michelle are awesome, and teach you all about painting and drawing in a laid back, supportive, creative space. I look forward to class every time, and always leave feeling less stressed, more energized, and creatively happy. "
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