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Embodiment Program

Denver art therapy

Healing heART is a unique combination of: art therapy meets  women's circle meets painting class with a focus on personal growth and healing. It's AMAZING!

Part of the magic of this group is that Michelle has found a way to put YOU in the expert seat of your own growth and healing while still being supported and witnessed by others. 

Instead of "spoon-feeding" content and ideas, Michelle invites the collective wisdom of the group to shine and lead the way. She has designed a "Reflective Painting Process" that helps women listen and trust themselves and the inner wisdom that is already inside!

Healing heART is for YOU if:

  • You want dedicated time and sacred space for being reflective and mindful

  • It's time to practice trusting yourself

  • You're ready to live into the insights and knowledge within yourself

  • You are a Creative Spirit and would love to have your art-making bring more meaning into your life

  • You'd like to experience a fun, creative, feminine version of healing

  • Your next stage of your growth is to be seen and witnessed by others in a safe, supportive container

We have an Intro Event coming up if you'd like to sample the process for yourself! Click here to read more.

After graduating with a Master's in Art Therapy, I was stuck for awhile in the “forever student” role. I didn’t know how to stand in my own wisdom, so I kept searching for more teachers. I did ALL KINDS of therapy and growth work for 10 straight years!


And now, I’m ready for what’s next. I’ve taken off my therapist hat because I want to offer something different. It's a special offering just for women that combines the power of mindfulness, art making, collective wisdom and being witnessed.

I have designed a powerful, magical process from years of working with women and it's really, very powerful.


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Denver art therapy

Healing heART will help you:

  • Reconnect to your inner wisdom

  • Integrate and live into what you already know

  • Feel empowered to be the expert in your own growth

  • Come alive with expression and creativity

  • Connect to a community of like-hearted souls

  • Trust yourself and lead from the heart 

Born from my love of personal growth and art, what I'm offering is a new form of healing. It includes an art process I discovered/uncovered in my own creative journeying that helps the painter embody the wisdom and knowledge they already have within. 

Karra, a member of Healing heART helps explain how the group facilitates her own inner knowing and expression.
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"As a member of Healing heART, I look forward to the community, uplifting interaction and time for myself. It truly is a special space with very special souls.
Michelle is a talented, insightful leader and she brings thoughtfulness and humor into every interaction. I love the way I look at and trust in my art and knowledge thanks to Michelle and MBodied."
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"I personally found Healing heART to be empowering for me because it allows me the time and space to get to know and understand my true self, as well as helped me to feel comfortable expressing my true self to others in a healthy environment. Taking these classes helped me find my voice again, and realign myself with my true wants and aspirations.."


  • Healing heART meets the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month from 6:30-9:00

  • Each month has a personal growth topic that informs our group discussion and our art making

  • We enjoy meaningful discussions, painting and group reflections each night

  • This is not a class for learning to paint but rather for expression through paint, so a basic understanding of acrylics is recommended (but not required)

  • You'll be surprised by how healing it is to have the dedicated time for this inner reflection and to be witnessed by your group members in your creation process!

Healing heART is an experience: the special way we make art, our meaningful discussions, the way it feels to be seen and witnessed through you's magical. We are membership-based because our biggest values are community and growth.  Start with 1 month and make sure you love it.


Our simple month-to-month subscription of $79 includes:

  • 2 groups led by Michelle, a trained art therapist (September 10th & 24th) materials included 

  • Private online community where we continue to see and support each other's artwork and reflections (start exploring as soon as you become a member!)

  • FREE access to all our Open Studio times (for extra painting time)

  • Discounts on other workshops and classes with MBodied

  • Sacred community of soul-aligned women

All for just $79!!! An amazing deal (and way cheaper than therapy)


Denver painting class

"I was so surprised by the connection between my art and what it reflects about what's going on inside me." -Sierra

What is the art journey like?!

  • literally create what you want to bring into your life

  • witness yourself as a Creator, this mirrors how you create in life!

  • work through judgment and find your inner strength and knowing

  • practice moving through obstacles in art that also show up in life!

Marcia's testimonial:

  • "every part of this painting was so meaningful to me"

  • many big breakthroughs 

  • those lessons from the art were also in my life 

  • it's fun to do this in community

  • Michelle can help you make a painting that is a representation of YOU 

FAQ's about Healing heART

What will the classes be like? 

Class begins with a discussion of our month's personal growth topic. The collective wisdom of the group takes us into deeper layers of meaning and understanding

Then we create an intentional painting to help us feel into, see and embody the topic of the month. Michelle guides everyone in how to create this type of intentional painting.

Last, group members can share their painting and process with the group to receive reflections to help see the deeper meaning arising in their art process. Michelle shares writing prompts to help members continue to unfold the wisdom from their art in the coming week.

Is this therapy?

No, this is not considered "therapy" and is not a substitute for therapy. The group is meant to function outside the traditional umbrella of therapy by using a reflective art process to help students see, trust and embody their own wisdom. It is run by Michelle who has a Master's degree in Counseling and Art Therapy.

What if I'm going to miss a class?

Members who miss can substitute their class for open studio time in which they can work on their painting. 

Who will be in this class?

The Healing heART is only meant for people who are truly interested in growth and healing and supporting others in doing the same. It is for people who are intrigued by how art can be used for healing and desire the deeper, more meaningful connections we are offering. 

What if I have absolutely no experience painting? 

For this particular group, you may not want to join without any previous experience painting. Michelle is happy to guide anyone in the painting process but you may want to take a month of our Acrylic Painting  first and get the foundations under your belt.

How do I prepare for my first night?

For your first night, make sure you know our address and leave early so that you can get settled in with a cup of tea and not feel rushed. You will receive the greatest benefit from coming to the class ready to hold space and dig into your own growth. 

What if this turns out to be not for me?

No problem :) We want everyone to be a good fit for this to be a safe space. MBodied is happy to transfer any remaining classes you have left to any other workshop or class we offer.

Wish you could join but the time or place doesn't work for you?

Online Healing heART is coming soon! Get on the waitlist with this button.


You won't find this kind of group anywhere else! Michelle has spent a decade developing this powerful format and signature process. Join the movement, be your own healer!

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