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Michelle's free guide for

"Creating Ugly"

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I'm so excited for you! This exercise is going to be an inspiring mindfulness activity where you will learn about yourself and your most important values. Isn't that so cool?!!

Simply click here (or the image) to download this handy PDF guide for free (you don't even have to give me your email!)

But if you would enjoy a weekly inspiring message from me about how making art makes life better with art tips, videos, discounts and the latest up and comings, sign up below!


And I've also included my 10 minute Healing heART video "Creating Ugly" so you can see how the wisdom unfolded for my group when we all made the ugliest paintings we possibly could!

What happened when I had my Healing heART group paint the ugliest thing they possibly could?!!

Find out why we did this exercise, what wisdom we uncovered and why you want to try it too!

(plus, subscribe to our YouTube so you can watch part II the transformation of our ugly paintings!)

When you make art, the process is teaching you to:

  • enjoy the journey

  • be mindful of yourself

  • push your growth edges

  • be brave enough to fail

  • be willing to be a Creator

  • find balance between effort and allowing

  • embrace the unkown

  • let go

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