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1 Amazing Trick that will

Free up your painting style!

Let me tell you my #1 most AMAZING tip for starting a painting, that will free you from expectations and bring enjoyment back into art-making again!

  • Get past that blank canvas

  • Loosen up your painting style

  • Free yourself from expectation

  • Enjoy making art again 

1 Amazing Trick graphic.png


You're not going to believe this... 


I want you to paint the ugliest thing you possibly can!



Stay with me here.

I know, you're probably thinking, "Why would I want to do that? Even if I actually painted a canvas, I wouldn't like what I made anyway, so what's the point?"

Good question 

The point to this painting tip is to change the way you think about painting. It will literally erase your expectations and completely free you to try things you might never try otherwise. 


I did this exercise with a roomful of people and they all had the same experience: it felt freeing and changed the way they normally paint or even think about painting.



Then you can transform it!

After you've painted the ugliest thing you can imagine, you'll have a start and nothing to lose!

Then work on transforming the painting into something else. That's right, you don't have to keep the ugly painting ugly.

I guarantee this will create a huge shift in any creative blocks you may have AND loosen up your typical painting style. (that's where magic happens!)

And if you love personal growth and mindfulness... I've got a gift for you!

Let me show you how this painting process of creating ugly will teach you all about what you value most in life!

Click the image to get my free guide to Creating Ugly and you will definitely learn a lot about yourself!

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Author: Michelle Baker, MA
Michelle is a trained Art Therapist and owner of MBodied Art Studio. She helps people live happy, balanced and fulfilled lives by supporting their creative expression within a safe, supportive community.  Michelle believes making art is not a " when I have time" hobby but a life philosophy that honors our need for expression and being Creators.
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