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Hidden Messages in Art

5 Things Your Painting Says about YOU!

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If you are a Creative Spirit who enjoys community and personal growth, this event is a MUST!

Art is a profound mirror into who you are. It is an honest, true & authentic reflection that can show you deep truths about yourself and guide you through your next big growth challenge.

In this workshop you will meet a supportive group of soul-aligned women, create a painting using Michelle's signature process, enjoy engaging group discussions about the art you've made and learn 5 deep truths about yourself. 

***women only event***

With a Master's in Art Therapy, Michelle Baker is an expert in the healing powers of art.  Her signature process called "Reflective Painting" guides participants to create from within, accessing personal, inner wisdom. We use the art to know ourselves in deep, authentic ways. 

This event brings together a powerful combination of creativity, community and healing that will inspire your mind and your heart. 

"In my opinion, what women need most is permission to express themselves unabashedly and honestly while being supported and witnessed by other women in safe, sacred space."


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Hidden Message in Art will help you:

  • Connect to your inner wisdom

  • Feel empowered to be the expert in your own growth

  • Come alive with expression and creativity

  • Connect to a community of like-hearted souls

  • Trust yourself and lead from the heart 

Wednesday, June 12th 6:30-9:00

All materials included plus light snacks and tea

Only $25 (*women only)

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This is a different kind of art making. Let go of the idea that it has to be pretty.

Get excited about the idea that it feels so good to take how you feel and move it onto canvas.

Be inspired by the fact that your creation will reflect YOU. 

This Hidden Message workshop will be an experience: the special way we make art, our meaningful discussions, the way it feels to be seen and witnessed through you's a magical combination.  


Remember, this kind of art is not about making a pretty's about expressing your truth. Allowing the art to guide you to deep, authentic truths. It's okay if it makes you a little scared if it also makes you a little excited!

​When: Wednesday, June 12th 6:30-9:00

Where: MBodied Art Studio

Who: Women with a creative spirit and love for personal growth

All materials included plus light snacks and tea


"I was so surprised by the connection between my art and what it reflects about what's going on inside me." -Sierra

Denver painting class

What is Michelle's "Reflective Painting" process?!

  • asking a question to your art

  • getting your own truth and wisdom reflected back to you

  • beautiful combination of expression with a strong purpose

  • helps you through your next growth opportunity by doing the painting!!

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