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Our Amazing once-a-year Visioning Event!!

Building momentum for your dreams in 2019!

This event is sponsored by the Healing heART Tribe: calling in Divine Wisdom through art 

Denver art class

  • this is a deeper process than a vision board

  • already sitting in the seat of Creator

  • asks the most important question "what does this look like to me?"

Denver art class

You’re not the average lady, so why make an average vision board?  Join an Expert in the Art of Manifesting, Michelle Baker, MA, for the most effective visioning process ever!

  • create momentum for your 2019 dreams

  • break down the barriers between you and your goals 

  • become crystal clear about what you want so you can start taking action right away!

No, you don’t have to be an “artist” for this workshop.  You don’t have to be a good “drawer”.  It’s NOT about making a pretty picture, it’s much deeper than that.  The power comes from the metaphors that arise in your painting (this is your divine wisdom coming through!) Women intuitively understand this process, once we dive in. I can take you there, do you want to see what’s possible?


  • not for goals like "I want a new car"

  • heart longing goals

  • does The Divine want to help you bring this into your life? 


Once a year event!

Saturday, January 5th 2:00-5:00

$45, includes all materials

Powerful painting process to create your 2019 big, meaningful, worthwhile vision guided by Art Therapist, Michelle Baker, MA. Leave feeling inspired to take action and crystal clear on your next steps!

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