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4 Ways to Preserve and Sort Your Child’s Masterpieces


Every child is a prodigious Picasso. As a parent, you are likely to feel that every drawing, painting and macaroni collage is a masterpiece. You are so proud of your little artist that you want to showcase every artwork on the fridge. You are hesitant to toss any but your fridge is starting to get too cluttered.

Here’s a system to help you save, sort and share your child’s masterpieces with family and friends.

Create a photo book of your kid’s artwork

If you have already collected a huge drawer full of your kid’s artwork, you might want to consider compiling these artworks into something that will last longer – a coffee table book, perhaps.

Apple’s iPhoto and Shutterfly will let you create a beautiful hard-bound book of their artwork. Simply snap photos of them and start creating a photo book.

Create an art wall

Select one area in the house and use this as your designated art space. Of course, you want this area to be visible to everyone, so your child’s bedroom might not be the best place for this.

Hang up a clothesline on the wall and display the pictures using a clothespin. Like an art gallery, you want to update the collection on a weekly or monthly basis with more recent creations.

To make it more fun and interesting, you can use colored paper clips, painted clothespin or even multi-colored hairclips.

Gift it

Grandparents love handmade creations from their grandkids. Take your kid’s art and attach it to a brightly colored card stock or construction paper. Then, send it to them. This is a great gift idea for grandparents who seldom see your children’s art in person. Now, grandma and grandma have something to display on their fridge.

Frame it

Every so often, our kids would bring home an exceptional artwork that deserves some professional framing. If your child is old enough, you can ask for his/her help in choosing the frame. Now, hang it proudly on the wall and treat it like a true masterpiece.

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