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Art & Archetypes!

Sponsored by the Healing heART Tribe

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The gifts of the feminine have been hidden and buried for thousands of years. As the Divine Feminine rises back up, Her treasures are being uncovered to help us on our personal journeys of empowerment!
Join us for an afternoon of meaning-making through artcollective wisdom and archetypal knowledge that connects us to the deep roots of our feminine past.

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Art & Archetypes: Reclaiming Divine Feminine Power through The Queen, $55

Saturday, April 27th 2:00-5:00 ***women only

Come home to a deeper truth and embodiment of what feminine power is for you in this amazing workshop! The Queen is not some model of perfection...she is a symbol of wholeness and power. As women we may be disgusted or repelled by power because we have only know the masculine shadow version for so long...

This 3 hour workshop will help you:

  • understand and call in Divine Feminine power 

  • create a piece of artwork to represent and embody this wisdom 

  • Connect with other soul-aligned women

  • Feel inspired to walk your own personal path towards empowerment

***these workshops sell out every time so get your spot now**

Led by Michelle Baker, MA

Art Therapist and Owner of MBodied


Michelle has been helping women find their truth and inner empowerment through art and archetypes for the past decade! She believes each woman is the expert in her own growth and healing and uses a powerful art process to call in each person’s own Divine Wisdom.

"Powerful things happen every time I bring women together for this magical combination of meaningful conversation, art making and intentional women's circle. 

Denver art therapy
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From our last Art & Archetypes: 

"It was so awesome to be with this group of women. Taking another step to discovering myself and my soul."


"I loved learning about the archetypes and the reflection time to think about how they resonated with me." 


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