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Our Vision

art classes, Westminster, CO

Westminster Art Class

MBodied Art Studio is an inspiring space for creativity, inspiration and community. 

Owned by Michelle Lynn Baker, a person passionate about how art can make life better and teach us about who we are.​

Classes and workshops at MBodied will guide you through the creative process, even if you've never painted or drawn before!  You will learn techniques you can use over and over again and make the pictures you want to make.  


The MBodied System

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Many people are a little afraid or intimidated to make may have been years since you picked up a pencil or brush!  So we have a 5-step system to help:

  • Get comfortable with learning (you're not supposed to know how to do this already!)

  • Learn in a place that feels safe

  • Practice, practice, practice!  

  • Have an expert guide you

  • Feel supported by the people around you

At MBodied, we start classes assuming you probably haven't painted or drawn before.  Then we guide you every step of the way.  

Our studio is cozy and home-like with classes no bigger than 10 students!  You will get a lot of 1 on 1 attention.

We want you to practice and learn.  Not everything you make is supposed to be a masterpiece!

Our teachers have been drawing and painting their whole lives and are experts at guiding you.  Plus we encourage community so all your classmates will be supporting you each step of the way.  

Want to see frequently asked questions and the answers?

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