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Q & A

What if I am going to miss a class?

  • No problem!  This is very common and we are able to offer you a make-up class with your teacher on a different day!  MBodied is very accommodating to people's schedules.

Why take an art class?

  • People take classes because they want to get inspired or connect with their creativity more.  They want to learn real techniques and theory so they can make the art they want to make.  They want something fun to do and look forward to each week!

When is the right time to take a class with MBodied?

  • When you are craving a creative hobby, want to learn something new or develop your current love of art.  

  • Check out the upcoming class schedule on our calendar.

Are the classes for children or adults?

  • These classes and workshops are designed for adults.  Teens who enjoy art will also enjoy these classes.  In fact, they are great for taking with someone you love!

What if I have never painted or drawn before?

  • Great!  Our introductory courses are made for you!  We assume you have not painted or drawn before and make sure to start from the beginning with your learning.  We will also guide you every step with instruction and 1 on 1 attention.

What do I need to bring to my first class?

  • All materials are provided so you really just need to bring yourself.  You may NOT want to wear your nicest clothes for art making  :)

How many people will be in our class?

  • Class sizes are limited to 10 people except for our studio classes which may have up to 15.

Do you have children's classes?

  • Currently we do not have children's classes (teens can take the adult classes).  But if you'd really like to see them here, please email Michelle with what you're looking for.  

What if I already know how to paint or draw, are there more advanced classes for me?

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