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Give your soul the microphone so you can finally hear the messages it's been whispering to you for years...

Mystery School is a community of creative women supporting each other's self-mastery, learning to speak their soul language and aligning with their purpose.


Woman-Soul-Earth. We are all one.

And we are all in need of healing.

You've done all the things:

therapy, self-help books, classes, workshops...

But there's a limitation to doing it "their way." 


At some point you need to connect with your Self.

Purpose and self-trust are WITHIN..not outside of you.

I'm offering a creative, feminine path to Listening to your own Inner Wisdom. 

It's not "Michelle's way". It's the way art works. 

~Art always tells the truth.

~Art always mirrors YOU.

~Art is how soul speaks.

I'm just going to remind you how to Listen. 

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Mystery School is the container and support you need to explore your soul messages.

No one does this growth work alone.

What's amazing is when you search for meaning together, the results are multiplied exponentially!

It really helps to know you are not on this spiritual journey alone.

There are other women out there who want more.

More meaning.

More purpose.

To make a bigger impact.

To feel like their life matters.

This is your community at Mystery School.

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How it works: Each month has a soul purpose topic that will unfold like this:

WEEK 1: We open up the month with a short video or post to share the topic and a question to ponder for the week.


WEEK 2: Live Group Call to pool the collective wisdom of our group together about the topic. Then we create a simple intuitive drawing inspired by the topic.


WEEK 3: We reflect on the deeper meaning in our drawing and look for parallels in life. Michelle shares ways to unravel meaning in metaphor.


WEEK 4: Live Group Call to reflect on our drawings in small groups; practice reading the messages and offering helpful reflections to others.


Bonus content includes: intuitive art-making techniques, Soul Art Stories, how to unravel the meaning in metaphor, thought-provoking reflection questions and extra art directives to take the topics as deep as you want to go!

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You will learn to:

~Read the hidden soul messages guiding you towards purpose every day

~Explore your spirituality and find your "just right" path to meaning

~Listen to your heart instead of your mind

~Break the "bystander effect and use your unique gifts in service to the greater good

~Make peace with your past

~Hold and witness others so that people can find healing in your presence

~Be Seen for who you truly are

""Michelle loves guiding women on the path of finding our bravest and truest selves.”
"This helped me trust in myself, in my own abilities, my talents and my voice."

The Biggest Obstacle You Face is Your Own Mind...

If you have mind stories that sound like:

"I'm too busy"

"It's not the right time"

"Maybe later..."

It's not really about those things.

That is the mind afraid of change and transformation.

Your mind (everyone's mind) wants us to stay small because we think it's safer.

But it's not safer and that road will always lead to:


So if you're resonating with my message, you have a choice...

To walk the path of the mind

(based in fear and scarcity and lack)


Walk the path of the heart

(where soul resides and purpose thrives)

...it's up to you.

I'm personally inviting you into Mystery School
 Join today it's only 
To connect deeply with your soul purpose
And learn to listen to your own Inner Wisdom.
Claim Your Spot in this Amazing Group and You Will:
  • Immediately receive an email with your login info to our private Mystery School member's site
  • Start with "Welcome to Mystery School", a short video orientation with Michelle
  • Explore "Mystery School 101", a course on using art as a soul language
  • Your first call will be January 12th!

What's the worst that can happen?

You don't like it and you cancel with a simple email.

There are no hidden fees or contracts. 


This is a true soul calling from me to you.

And a wonderful community of women seeking meaning and purpose in their lives.

If you've been asking for support from the Universe...


We're on this journey together.

Join us now.

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Join Woman Soul Earth

Mystery School Now!

Learn to read your soul messages so that you feel confidently guided through life.

Join a community of creative women who are also seeking MORE.

Find your own Truth and purpose.

Still Reading?

Ok, let's see if I can help.

Here are 3 choices:

Ultimate Guide to Art as a Soul Language™ 

If you're a Creative Spirit, a lover of self discovery (like me), open and curious about how art can reveal your soul purpose...

Then The Ultimate Guide to Art as a Soul Language™ is the answer!

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Art Classes 

Drawing, Acrylics, Watercolor, Abstract? Shannon will have you surprised by what you can create in your first month!

Read Michelle's Blog: Your Soul Speaks Through Art 

Your Soul speaks through Art...are you ready to Listen?