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Why Do People Stop Making Art?


Most kids stop making art around the same time period.

...why do we suddenly abandon fun, creative expression?

There's actually a developmental reason for this and the best news:

As an adult, you can overcome this childhood block to art-making!

We Most People STOP Making Art
At the age of 9-11 kids go through a cognitive development that causes them to want art to look real.
Before this age, children enjoy the experience of making art, the lines and colors and feel.
But as the brain develops, so do our expectations of our art.
When children begin to expect their art to look real, they can begin to get frustrated with their lack of ability to create reality.
This is the beginning of the end for many young artists...BUT as an adult you have so much more freedom!
Freedom to learn the techniques for making things look real 
 Freedom to enjoy abstract art and expressive art again.
So don't let your earlier stages of development limit your connection to creativity any longer!
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