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Come inside MBodied!

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Meet Shannon!  She will be your teacher, expert guide and personal cheerleader in any class you take here at MBodied!  Her passion for art and love of teaching will come through in the first 5 minutes of meeting her.  

 Take a tour of MBodied with her and find out what she thinks is the hardest part of making art.  

Take the virtual tour!

Hear from our students!

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"Shannon is an amazingly gifted teacher! She has a way of making painting and drawing seem less intimidating and totally doable! If you ever wanted to learn how to paint or draw, or just want to get more creativity in your life, then I highly recommend taking one of her classes."


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"Shannon is very talented and really helped me learn the basic techniques of painting with Acrylics, while also giving me freedom to experiment and learn on my own. I found myself looking forward to each week, and getting really excited for a couple hours to clear my mind and create something."


Final paintings from the students of Introduction to Acrylics at MBodied!

5 things students are surprised by:

  1. How much individual help you get at MBodied

  2. How fast time flies when you make art

  3. The progress you can make when you have dedicated time and space to practice

  4. The safe and supportive feeling that comes with being part of our artist community

  5. How much you look forward to this class every week



Check out some of the amazing work created by our students!

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