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Westminster acrylic painting class

Life Coach, Westminster, CO

"But I can't paint." you say...

Not to worry!  Michelle is your painting coach and cheerleader!  She leads you through the painting process and points out the sweet moments you can capitalize on.  Plus, she designed the paintings to be easy and romantic.  You are set!


Valentine's Painting Workshops

Did you know that painting is sexy?  Being creative, slippery paint, getting a little messy... sounds fun, right?  Then what if you created paintings that go together?!  Creating side by side with your favorite someone!  Now that's romantic  :)


(pssst guys: major brownie points for signing yourself and your lady up for a painting class = sensitive & romantic)



Westminster acrylic painting class

Life Coach, Westminster, CO

Two separate canvases painted, dripped, splattered, swirled, hand-printed and loved from beginning to end.  Fun, no pressure, creative bonding time.

Abstract Painting for Two

This painting for two is perfect for you!  Abstract = fun, messy, you can't do it wrong.  You will pick your colors and decide if you want a heart, a symbol, your names or to keep it completely abstract.  


Each person gets their own canvas.  You paint your background, starting with any colors you wish.  Then...SWITCH!  Your partner gets to add a few details with colors of your choice.  Then...SWITCH BACK!  Swirl and design, bringing your two paintings closer together.  Then...let's paint each other's hands and have an intimate moment.  I'll stamp yours, you stamp mine.  Lastly, work together to bring your two separate paintings into a unified piece of art and lasting memory of a special day together.  


Dates & Times: 

Saturday, Feb 13th  4:00-6:00

(pre-dinner art making)

Sunday, Feb 14th  1:00-3:00


small class sizes, intimate environment!


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