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4 Pack Class Sampler!

Denver painting class

MBodied Art Studio is an experience. The warmth you feel when you walk in the door, the ambient music playing and the creativity flowing all around you... the best way to know if we are YOUR tribe is to come in and see for yourself!

The 4 pack class sampler gives you access to 4 classes in the studio over the next 5 weeks for $119, including all materials!

  • You can taste-test 4 different classes

  • OR dive into one class and see how you like

When you sign up for a 4 pack you'll choose which class you'd like to visit first. We will get you registered and you'll receive an email reminder the day before. All you do is show up ready to get creative!

Check out our calendar below to help you decide which classes work best with your schedule. Hover over an image to read more about the class.
You only need to decide on the first class to visit.

What's a class with MBodied like?!

Come inside right now with this video!
  • we build community every week
  • demo a new lesson
  • plenty of time for working and asking questions
  • lots of time to connect with yourself and each other!

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