3 Surprising Tips

Before You Take An Art Class

If you've been thinking about reconnecting with your creativity...

and maybe taking an art class.

There are 3 things I want to share with you before you EVER sign up!

Here are my
3 Surprising Tips:
#1 Be Willing to be a Learner
We can teach you ALL the techniques and theory for painting & drawing but if you're not willing to:​
  • ask questions
  • make mistakes
  • not know something
...you're not going to be successful and might as well not take a class.
#2 You're not going to like everything you make.
No one likes everything they make.
And even if you don't like the end result, you learned something. It was totally worthwhile.
#3 Art is actually more about SEEING than anything else.
Beyond all the techniques and theories, learning to paint or draw is about seeing differently.
  • Seeing the color of a shadow
  • Seeing the shapes in an object
  • Seeing the layers in a picture
You're actually training your brain to think differently...so be willing to give it a little time ❤️

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