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3 Surprising Tips

Before You Take An Art Class
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If you've been thinking about reconnecting with your creativity...

and maybe taking an art class.

There are 3 things I want to share with you before you EVER sign up!

Here are my
3 Surprising Tips:
#1 Be Willing to be a Learner
We can teach you ALL the techniques and theory for painting & drawing but if you're not willing to:​
  • ask questions
  • make mistakes
  • not know something're not going to be successful and might as well not take a class.
#2 You're not going to like everything you make.
No one likes everything they make.
And even if you don't like the end result, you learned something. It was totally worthwhile.
even if you don't like it still
learn to draw .jpg
#3 Art is actually more about SEEING than anything else.
Beyond all the techniques and theories, learning to paint or draw is about seeing differently.
  • Seeing the color of a shadow
  • Seeing the shapes in an object
  • Seeing the layers in a picture
You're actually training your brain to think be willing to give it a little time ❤️
art. worst can happen is don't like it.p

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