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Overcoming the Inner Critic

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That mean nasty voice in your head that tells you everyone else's art is good but yours sucks...what do you do about that?...

Enjoy our expert tips and exercises for overcoming the dreaded inner critic.

When the inner critic is whispering in your ear...the #1 thing you need to do is connect to your INTENTION...
WHY are you making art?!!
Do you expect to be in a museum?
Are you planning to sell your work? 
If your intention is to EXPRESS yourself, the inner critic can't really get in the way of that.
If you want to make art to have fun, how can you get that wrong?
If your intention is to EXPERIMENT, then it's actually okay if you don't like it! 
Can you feel the difference in permission here?
Most people don't actually want to be in a museum...we want to make art because it FEELS good. 
Here’s the truth about your inner critic:  it's a part of YOU...and it's is actually trying to help you out…
(but not in the nicest way) 
The more you push against it, the stronger your entanglement becomes (like the Chinese Finger Trap!)  
This exercise will help you break through the critical thoughts into the wisdom of your inner critic so you can put it to good use!
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