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Create your Mantra

A mantra is a phrase you want to repeat to yourself, helping you focus on a goal.  Your painting takes the mantra a step further by creating an image to capture your goal visually.  You will literally design your own visual intention.


This unique piece of art helps you manifest what or how you want to be.  


Get a small group of friends together and support each other in this creative process.  First, paint the background using a fun watercolor technique.  Then we sit down together for a creative group think.  As you explain your vision to the group, each person draws and writes what they hear from you.  Then you receive this visual reflections from your friends to help you design your image and phrase.  



Call or email Michelle to schedule your own mantra painting party!



"Creating my painting has been very powerful.  It has come to mean several things in different areas of my life and keeps me focused on one main goal."  


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