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How to Make More Art!

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Almost everyone who comes to our studio has materials at home but seem to never actually make art!

...don't worry, this is normal. And we can help.

Below you'll find Michelle's helpful tips and tricks for making more art. 

Making Your Art-Making Sacred
#1 We don't make our art making a priority in our lives. It always comes last after the long list of to do's.​
To make more art we need to:
  • hold our creative time sacred
  • schedule at least 2 hours to make art
  • have accountability
  • make art in community
**It's MUCH easier to make art in community. You have the accountability, people to talk to about your process and it keeps you IN art-making.
How to Transition into
There is a discipline involved with making art that is rarely talked about.
We like the romantic notion that the experience of art-making is spontaneous and you only do it when you're have artistic's NOT true!
There is a discipline involved with making art and when you've learned these transition tricks, you'll find yourself making a lot more art.
These art warm up exercises will "get you in the mood" to get started with painting or drawing. 
Overcoming Your Inner Critic
  • How do you overcome the voice who has nothing nice to say?
The #1 thing you need to do is connect to your INTENTION...WHY are you making art?!!
What if your goal is to get something OUT of you. How can you fail at that? Who else can do that for you?
If your intention is to EXPRESS yourself, the inner critic can't really get in the way of that.
If your intention is to EXPERIMENT, then it's actually okay if you don't like it! 
Can you feel the difference in permission here?
Most people don't actually want to be in a museum...we want to make art because it FEELS good. 
art. worst can happen is don't like it.p

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