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We believe in art as a spiritual path and meaningful connection as medicine.  

We are the Tiger Women!

women's group Westminster, CO

Here’s the secret: We’ve got it all wrong.  What feels important, what we give so much of our time and energy to, it’s never going to bring us happiness or fulfillment.  That special day when life suddenly feels more meaningful, it's not coming. 


If you don’t want to get stuck here, watching life melt away…it’s time for a change.

  • Your creativity is calling

  • Your inner wisdom is calling

  • Your heart would like a turn to lead

Westminster women's group

Tiger Women Tribe brings together creative spirits who have a meaningful and worthwhile goal for their lives.  Together we support each other in walking the Creator's path every single day, through the ups and downs, the wins and the challenges to our vision of a better life!

We use the art process to bring clarity to our vision and the path ahead.  Engaging in a creative process consistently over time brings Tiger Women into strong relationship with their inner wisdom, strength and self knowledge.  Support from our tribe over time guarantees feeling inspired, motivated and empowered!

  • learn to put myself first

  • healthy love

  • compassion for myself

  • sense of purpose

  • feel flow and ease in life

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Some Tiger Women goals:

Are you the next Tiger Woman?!!


Are you a Seeker?  Longing for meaning and fulfillment, your next stage of personal and spiritual growth.  Would you flourish within a tribe of women who really see you, reflect you and honor your process.  Could you bring insight and wisdom to your tribe?  Do you desire connection to something bigger?  Do you value creativity and intuition, even if you haven't utilized them much lately.  Are you ready to move forward rather than just thinking, waiting or staying stuck?

If you're resonating with this amazing tribe, it's time to take the next step.

Fill out the form below to connect with Michelle, leader of the Tribe.  She loves hearing from you!

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