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Vision Sessions

Moving towards your big, meaningful, worthwhile goals


TRUTH: if you're not focused on what your heart longs for and going after it, you're going to feel:​​

  • disconnected

  • lacking purpose

  • like you've lost yourself 

  • stuck

  • unsure of what to do next

  • not good enough

  • disempowered

Don't worry, I've been here too. It's easy to get lost because our culture tells us to do! do! do! 

...that accomplishment will lead to happiness.

...that our value comes from what we provide.

...that we should sleep when we're dead.

...that we should be able to do it all and feel great.

It's a lie. We're living a lie. And we're so far off from what really matters.

IF you'd like to feel connected to purpose...

Live your life so that at the end of it, you don't feel regret...then read on. 

​      "My intuition brought me to Michelle who guided me on a path that I will be forever grateful. I am in a complete 180 from last year."


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going after heart longs for reclaiming o
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I work with women who:

  • are ready to take ownership over their priorities and choices

  • are sure there's a different way to live

  • are motivated

  • are worried what will happen if they don't change something soon 

 What I offer:​​

  • movement forward every single session

  • a decade of experience helping women get what they want

  • a myriad of skills including art therapy, somatic therapy, manifesting, mindfulness, embodiment, energy and more tailored to YOU!!

  • choice: you will choose where we go together to keep you as expert in your own growth and healing

  • humor

  • GUARANTEED results when you show up

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“It really helps to check in along the way as you’re moving towards your goal. To see the things you’re doing differently in your life now and giving yourself credit for that.”



  • Vision Sessions are 60 minutes long scheduled once or twice a month

  • Investment of  $120/session

  • Only for women ready to commit to themselves and to the work

  • Transformation, empowerment and clarity are GAURANTEED!

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